China is a market with massive significance FOR AUSTRALIAN SCREEN INDUSTRY. 



With bold thinking and strategic planning, world-class media products can help drive government priorities across many portfolios and achieve specific outcomes. 

Win-Win Co-Pro framework

Australia has an official co-production treaty with China which bypasses distribution restrictions to better tap into China’s mass consumer market.

Positive political climate

The push to strengthen relationships between Australian and Asian region businesses is supported by the Australian Government.

Western Australian government is actively looking to China, its biggest trading partner to help diversify the State's economy. 

World-class talent

Australia screen industry has a proven record in offering creative and technical skills, professionalism and international best practice, and experiences in creating content for global markets. Our pool of Asia-centric film talent has the skill to make films that appeal to both the Chinese and Western market.

Screen subsidy & tax rebate schemes

Australian government assistance includes production funding through Federal & State screen agencies and tax rebate schemes (including Producer Offset) that can offset investment risks for private investors significantly. 

"Brand Australia" & soft power

Through film & media products and wide exposure to the emerging Chinese middle class, Australia has the opportunity to project its ‘soft power’ and put Australian culture, landscape, lifestyle and goods  in the international shop window. A quality film can articulate & promote the "Brand Australia", as the best place in the world to live, work and play.